Eastern District Terminal (2018, 3D in multiple formats, 5.1 sound, 10 min. 25 sec.

Eastern District Terminal documents a particular lost time and place: the Brooklyn waterfront after the end of its use as an industrial and shipping site, but before it became the front lawn for the shiny apartment towers to come. In that in-between moment, the space functioned as a “temporary autonomous zone.” Shot using a homemade 3D rig, the film wanders and turns through the zone and, along the way, encounters three of its denizens.

The film exists in multiple 3D formats: left eye red, right eye cyan anaglyph; side-by-side with anamorphic compression for polarized or active shutter projection; and side-by-side without anamorphic compression for mobile phone head-mounted display, such as Google Cardboard.

Eastern District Terminal trailer: